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The world doesn’t just need news. It needs explanation. That’s why curious audiences have flocked to Vox Media Explainers — over 1.5 billion times in 2017 alone. Blending research, reporting, insight, personality, and humanity, Explainers help people understand the most complicated topics swirling around us everyday. The Explainer Studio harnesses that proven form of storytelling for brands, connecting you to the curious class.



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What's an explainer?

A storytelling technique perfected by editorial data and insights.

Ignite their curiosity

Explainers find a subject that is mysterious, misunderstood, complex, or quizzical and breaks it down from many sides. They answer questions that people wonder but don’t explore, that they don’t think to ask but wish they had.

Go deeper than the brand

They tell a story that interweaves our editorial voice (and writers’ voices) with your brand essence — a story that’s thorough, factual, relevant, visual, and personal.

Give Them Something to Take with Them

It’s all designed to elicit an “aha!” from the audience, leaving them brimming with newfound knowledge, expertise, and awareness of your message.

Explainers for brands

The world of your brand, your innovation, your consumer. Explained.

Your brand is a world of innovation, activation, insights, creativity and utility. You have interesting things to say — about what you do, why you do it, and your place in the universe of sports, food, design, entertainment, and tech. And you need an interesting way to say them.

Use Cases

A format as adaptive, dynamic and multifaceted as your brand.


Spotify — The secret to your Discover Playlist? A “cyborg” approach

Demystifying the algorithmic magic of Spotify’s extremely popular and eerily personalized Discover Weekly playlist.


NFL — Fantasy Football is a lot of fun — but it used to be a lot of work

Exploring the surprising origins behind the phenomenon that is America’s favorite fantasy pastime — and how it got a lot easier with NFL’s Fantasy Football League.


Colony — What happens when Big Brother is watching, and what you can do about it

A guide on how to safely evade multiple surveillance methods employed by Big (Alien) Brother, inspired by the USA original series.


KFC — Movies are wrong about what happens in the vacuum of space. Here’s what’s right

On the eve of the Zinger chicken sandwich’s ascent into the stratosphere, a deep dive into what actually happens to the human body (and sandwiches) in the perilous void.


Ben & Jerry’s - The reason you love ice cream so much is simple — science

Four ingredients come together to form one of the most indulgent, irresistible foods ever.

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How it works

Benefits beyond the format

Multi-Platform Distribution

Premium programming and amplication across Vox Media's house of brands, major social platforms, brand & and Concert.

Turnkey efficiency & value

A patented process that maximizes speed and minimizes your team's effort. Guaranteed value and engagement from :10 views.


Nielsen brand studies that optimize for brand life. Real-time measurement and optimization from our team of engagement editors and analysts.

About us

An Illustration of Graham

Graham Nelson

Graham is creative director of the Explainer Studio. A former television reporter who covered the White House, Pentagon, and State Department for Japan's largest private broadcaster, Graham brings a distinctly editorial perspective to branded content. (He even once went undercover to film visiting North Korean dignitaries.)

Before joining Vox Media, he worked as Director of Innovation and International at The Huffington Post. In his branded content and copywriting career, he's worked at the Washington Post, Thrillist, Birchbox, Playbuzz, and an array of boutique Brooklyn agencies. His clients have included Ford, IBM, Cisco, Clorox, Unilever, Pepsi, KFC, and Spotify.

His branded content has won him an Ad Age award — and he's been nominated for best native article, best native video, and best animation by OMMA and Sharethrough's Native Creatives Awards.

An Illustration of Lloyd

Lloyd D’Souza

Lloyd is the Executive Producer of the Explainer Studio and Vox Creative, Vox Media’s in-house branded content studio and creative division. Having started in story development for feature films, Lloyd has produced projects for theatrical distribution and television, worked with a diverse group of writers, directors and talent to develop original content and brought that experience to building teams and crafting compelling narratives and turnkey formats for branded content.

Most recently, he was partner and executive producer at StarBeast Digital/Traction Ave. Films, where he produced animated content for TV and digital, provided visual effects and design support for broadcast and branded content, and produced award winning broadcast and digital spots as well as experiential activations for major brands while managing a roster of filmmakers. Previously, he was the Head of Production at Rabbit Content, at the time a multi-national production company with a roster of over 20 directors and in-house Post-Production/VFX.

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